Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exumer, Autographs and Concert in TJ

Well it's been a while since I've posted and that's because *drum roll*

I haven't gone to any concerts and haven't had time to read any more news or heard about anything interesting except this below:

Exumer? Really? Here? Well that would be a HUGE change of pace but some people are reeeeeeeally skeptical about this one. Why? Well it has happened a lot of times before that bands promise to come down here and we never hear anything from 'em (e.g. La Cuca which flunked heavily on us).

If you're going then be my guest to go first for some autographs and don't be a cheap fuck, buy a t-shirt but wait... the concert ticket is 350 pesos? Holy fucking shit that's kinda expensive and it's not like Exumer is the biggest band to come out of Germany in the last 25 years. Point given, it has some sort status but it ain't no Kreator.

So anyway, go and check 'em out, buy a CD if you're not going to the concert (Yeah I'll be honest I'm not going but that's because I got another event and I'm not paying that much to see 'em although they bring a decent retinue of Thrash bands so the coin is in the air)