Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sacred Serpent Tour 2011 @ Mexicali (25/10/11), Tijuana (26/10/11), Ensenada (27/10/11).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Want some... Smog?

Yesterday I was at Bonded by Blood, which I'll review later on today, and was speaking with the bass player who's name was Ben Bennetts (Thanks Wikipedia for confirming this)

Point and case being, he's got his own band project going along which is called "Smog" and he me that it was a sort of Black/Grunge band which at first struck me as funny and interesting. So today I'm listening to the band and I'm quite fascinated by it and let me point out that this is a one man band so this makes it all the way better even though it's not studio quality it is quite decent.

And well, since the guy said no one was paying for the demo and he was giving it away, I'll just post this here and let you download it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fear Factory at Brick by Brick

Once again I went to another great concert at Brick by Brick, by the time I got to the venue Under the Stone, Fury Never Fades and Aenea had already played and Pagan Metal band Helsott was on stage. I remembered I saw them on the Death Angel show some months ago and no way of mistaking Eric Dow (vocals), they have a devoted following who knew their songs and kept the mosh pit going.

Eric Dow/Vocals,  Mark Dow-Guitar/Vocals, Richard Dow/Bass

Eric Dow-Vocals, Mark Dow-Guitar/Vocals, Cassie Morris-Keys/Vocals,
Richard Dow-Bass, Cooper "Imploder" Dustman-Drums

Next was Death Metal band Pinhed who use masks to play on stage. I could not find too much about them online, other than their MySpace page, where you can check out their songs and an 18 minute video of a concert in Texas. I was impressed by how clear the vocals came out of the lead singer Mask of Chaos in spite of the huge mask he wears. They did a good show and the music is not bad at all!

Mask of Chaos/Guitar & Vocals

Finally it was Fear Factory, here I have to confess I've never been a big fan of them and don't know their songs, but not anymore...they're freaking awesome on stage. There is the energy they bring, but the way they connect to the metal heads. I was one person away from the stage in the area where Dino Cazares played in, at every song he came all the way to the edge and played inches away from us. It's been a long time since I've seen Brick by Brick this packed, the mosh pit was brutal and everyone sang in the right spots. They had a good combination of old and new songs.

I haven't felt that kind of energy in a concert in some time, and even FF said so at the concert and on to their Facebook page:

"Wow!!! San Diego you people were amazing the show was fucking killer at the Brick by Brick last night . We can not wait to come back . Thank you San Diego."

At one point Burton showed us a bra that had been thrown on stage...unfortunately it was a B cup, so the guys were not very impressed. Almost at the end of the show, the stopped playing, asked for tequila shots and refused to keep playing until they came. In the meantime they told very bad jokes to force us to get them that tequila faster. Too bad I didn't get pictures of those moments.

So whether you like them or not, this is a band you have to see live! After the concert they just went to mingle with the fans and lots of us got to take pics with them. In my case, I got one with Dino!

Byron Stroud / Bass

Dino Cazares / Guitars

Burton C. Bell / Vocals

With Dino on the background

The Mosh Pit

Gene Hoglan / Drums

A PACKED Brick by Brick

After the show with Dino!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Messing it up

Having chubby fingers fucks you up son!

Accidentally deleted a comment on a post, so if you read this know that it wasn't on purpose or because I was hating. Much love to ya'll.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Acrassicauda at Brick by Brick in San Diego

Hey There:

I'm MexiMetal, Vico's friend and he's letting me post about the awesome concert I saw last night at Brick by Brick. I went to see an Iraqi metal band called Acrassicauda.

I first learned about them in the Public Library of all places. I saw a book entitled "Heavy Metal in Baghdad: The Story of Acrassicauda". My first reaction was WTF!? So I checked out the book and was fascinated by their story. Of how the got started into metal listening to bootleg copies of Sepultura and Metallica. This reminded me a lot of when I first got into metal in Mexico, back before the Internet and YouTube.

"Born out of a basement rehearsal space in Baghdad and inspired by western bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Slipknot, Acrassicauda ("Black Scorpion") played only three live shows in Iraq before the country began to disintegrate around them. Rebels and religious fundamentalists accused them of Satan worship. Eventually it became impossible to find any venue where they could safely perform. Still, they refused to let their dreams die."

Because of the book I learned there was a documentary on them. Here's the clip of the documentary, click here to get to the site. Once I saw the film I realized how much I've taken for granted the freedom to choose what I listen to and go to see bands without a second thought, especially as a woman. The only fear I have is getting knocked out by people in the mosh pit.

That was then, this is now!

The first time I saw them live was at The Roxy in West Hollywood, in one of those concerts offered by Scion/Radio 17, which are FREE concerts, all you need to do is RSVP.

It was a pretty good show and I remember the vocalist Faisal Mustafa said: "If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be playing a gig in Hollywood, I would have said they were out of their Fucking minds", and of course everyone made lots of noise.

This time, I got to see them in their first U.S. Tour which ended in San Diego, CA at Brick by Brick.

Another personal anecdote about them, on Sunday I was in Mexicali visiting family and left a cousin's birthday party early so I could get on my way to San Diego and see the band. After I crossed the border, I stopped at the gas station I always stop at before getting on my way. And I noticed a white van with this guy that looked too familiar.

I feel somewhat embarassed now because I was star struck looking at Tony Yaqoo with wide eyes and surprised expression, got down from my car and said hello. I was very excited to meet them! The guys are so nice and even took a pic with them. Also once we all made it to Brick by Brick they all said Hello to me again. Yay!

The concert itself was full of energy, it wasn't packed or anything, but the fans are die hard and make as much noise as they can. Their debut album "Only the Dead See the End of the War" contains only four songs, but they sang a lot more than that.

This band is brutal and dedicated to their music. Once you start listening to them you will get the struggle and history behind each song. Though they are not politically motivated they do have something to say and they say it in the best way possible, with fucking awesome music!

Here are some pics I took at the concert and at the end is a video of their song "Garden of Stones". Also here are links to their social sites so you can follow them as well:!/acrassicauda

Before they start each concert

Small crowd but loud as hell!!

Marwan Hussein

Mo (guitar) / Firas (bass) / Tony (guitar) / Faisal (vocals)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Band Review: Sabaton

Medieval Armor Footwear (Sabaton)
 No, we're not talking about some medieval armored footwear. We're talking about a relentless war machine coming all the way from Sweden to show you that not only Trolls and really pissed off Death/Black Metal comes from such a frozen land.

Sabaton is a Power Metal band of the interesting kind, back when I heard them somewhere around 2009 it came to me as an interesting project. This is a Power Metal band talking mostly of World War 2 and a bunch other wars most people have forgotten through time or don't want to remember, like the Six Day War or the Vietnam War, and every time they've surprised me again and again.

Sabaton, the Power Metal band from Sweden
First they had a bunch of covers they recorded into their debut album called Fist for Fight, quite original yes, then they made their own material and called it Primo Victoria, so far so good, with a nice keyboard combining powerful long power chords, then they went for Attero Dominatus, with an impressive intro song called as the album it wasn't lacking at all, then they progressed to The Art of War, which talks about Sun-Tzu, and let me tell you this was one of the best records I had heard so far until the release of the all-mighty and powerful Coat of Arms, again the power they deliver through their album is massive and I'm still debating between The Art of War and Coat of Arms but still I'd recommend anybody to pick both up or pick all their material up for that matter.

In brief, awesome band from Sweden that doesn't growl or tune their guitar lower yet has powerful vocals, no falsetto screams by the way, and excellent music that any headbanger would enjoy. Check them out on YouTube and do yourself a favor and get a physical copy if you'd like to listen to their music, the band is well worth the price of their albums in my personal opinion.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gig Review: Warbringer @ El Divan de Alicia

Warbringer loot!
It's 11:30PM and I know Warbringer is already playing at El Divan. My relay at work was supposed to arrive at 10 and he was nowhere to be found and I knew I was way late for the show so I pressed the eject button and arrive as fast as I can there.

It is midnight.

And they're still playing.

I greet the Legion, the crew that's always there, and grab a beer and a smoke then finally settle down to enjoy the show.

How was it?

The whole thing was good, from what other people told me, and unfortunately there wasn't that many people in there since it was Sunday but alas what can one do when a date is given and it's not negotiable.

How was Warbringer?

It was good, again what I managed to catch up to, and they gave us the privilege to listen to a never before played live song, which the head bangers were happy with and gave the place some creed, BUT what turned it from good to great was the last song.

I've seen huge pits, the size of a parking lot back in '07 with Trivium, I've seen the Mosh Pits and the "Dancers" in Hatebreed, I've seen, and been hit, by a fuck ton of body surfers specially in Danzig, I've seen the brutal pits of Slayer and the post-effects, I gazed first hand the mighty power of Raining Blood, completely baffled by its power, which gives me shivers every time I remember it, I was on the front row for Lamb of God wall of death, which is another memory that makes me shiver, and quite fondly remember telling Randy, the vocal of Lamb of God, to go fuck himself after he told me to join the wall of death, he just laughed at the comment and probably thought I'm a fucking pussy for not smashing my head against some huge head banger that's as tall as a tree and hard as a rock, I don't have the constitution for that shit, and I mention this because I moshed at Cannibal Corpse and I got beat the fuck up, by a chick that looked like a TANK and had enough metal on her face to raise the alarm of any metal detector in a ten mile radius.

Regardless, I'm getting away from the subject at hand.

Even though there were only a handful of people the vocal managed to get nice circle pits going around and a mini wall of death which turned into what I call "the blender".

What is the blender?

What happens after you do a Wall of Death? You start beating the shit out of everything in your way because you're pumped with adrenaline. You start jumping all over the place and then people start spinning fucking angrily and fast like a horde of wasps. That's the blender, the post-effect of a well performed wall of death, and if this doesn't happen and people can freely go back to wherever they were originally located then you didn't do it well.

I feel proud to be honest, and I mentioned this before on another review, for being able to see bands like Warbringer and Cruel Hand down here in Tijuana and not in the US. It's different to the local scene, obviously, but regardless of that the point is that bands from another country are coming here which speaks a lot about us, as Mexicans, our nation and El Divan de Alicia.

I didn't take pictures, I got one taken though but I don't know the person, aside from the one above which doesn't count but I got fond memories of the event, specially those of alcohol... lots of alcohol... but more importantly we got to chat and the guys are an interesting bunch, really interesting bunch.

So in brief, an excellent show, awesome supporting crowd, for coming out on Sunday nonetheless, good times and good friends. Catch Warbringer on their oncoming tour if you have a chance, you won't regret it!

Dates below for your commodity:

Jun 18Cobalt CafeCanoga Park, CA

Jun 24The Blue Lagoon w/A Band of Orcs, Hatchet, Exmortus, WitchhavenSanta Cruz, CA

Jun 25Slaughter By the Water Fest - Craneway PavillionRichmond, CA

Jul 08Metaphor CafeEscondido, CA

Jul 09The VaultTemecula, CA

Jul 16Famous Sports BarThousand Oaks, CA

Jul 22The StarlineFresno, CA

Jul 23Thrashocalypse - Melody BallroomModesto, CA
Jul 24The VaultHollister, CA

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recommendation of Today: Ill Niño - Confessions

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Te Amo...I Hate You"   3:33
2. "How Can I Live"   3:17
3. "Two (Vaya Con Dios)"   3:23
4. "Unframed"   3:23
5. "Cleansing"   3:45
6. "This Time's for Real"   3:27
7. "Lifeless...Life..."   2:47
8. "Numb"   4:06
9. "Have You Ever Felt?"   3:18
10. "When It Cuts"   2:48
11. "Letting Go"   3:18
12. "All the Right Words"   4:08
13. "Re-Birth"   2:54
14. "How Can I Live/Como Puedo Vivir" (Spanish Version) 3:11

I remember listening to Ill Niño for the first time in the Headbangers Ball 2CD Compilation back in '04 or '05.

Some time later a friend bought the Confessions CD and lent it to me so I could burn it. I enjoyed it and I still do from time to time when I feel the need to feel nostalgic or simply want to enjoy this interesting fusion of Nu Metal and Tribalistic/Latin Music.

From beginning to end I've always enjoyed it, the guitars, the drums, the chorus, the effects, everything. The voice I've always considered to be hypnotizing when combined with all the effects and instruments, it really transmits a lot of energy to you from beginning to end, from every member of the band.

Highly recommended to be bought in physical format or go for digital but really now, help the band out and do it the right way when acquiring it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recommendation of Today: Candlemass - King of the Grey Islands

All songs written by Leif Edling

  1. "Prologue" - 0:56
  2. "Emperor of the Void" - 4:29
  3. "Devil Seed" - 5:44
  4. "Of Stars and Smoke" - 5:38
  5. "Demonia 6" - 6:23
  6. "Destroyer" - 7:52
  7. "Man of Shadows" - 6:17
  8. "Clearsight" - 6:52
  9. "The Opal City" - 1:13
  10. "Embracing the Styx" - 8:19
  11. "Solitude" - 5:58 (Bonus track on digipak)
  12. "At the Gallows End" - 5:22 (Bonus track on digipak)
For those of us that like Doom Metal this is probably, in my opinion, one of the best out there although Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is still the number one in my list.

Even though I feel it goes a little faster this time and that solos could be avoided, yet again my opinion, it all gives it some really nice flavor to this album. The bonus solitude song is a really nice addition to the album but again, I'd rather have my music in that crude state in which you find the first Candlemass album.

All in all the general Doom theme is ever present in this malevolent album and even if you're not into Doom you still may want to check it out since there may be a thing or two you could end up liking here.

Some interesting events of the past few weeks

First off we had that infamous Slayer tribute that we had been waiting for so long now and I'll tell you a little secret about it...

We saw some of the most brutal pits in the history of the Divan and I can say this was a decent blood tribute to Slayer. I recall seeing at least two guys bleeding, one from the ear, and several others looking as if a steamroller had ran over them. The fun part was seeing them the next day all fucked up and trying to walk around like robots.

Someone may upload a video of that and if they do I'll link it here so you guys can see how that turned out.

Next stop would be the upcoming Megafest with Konstrictor as the headliners, representing all the way from Mexicali, Vactheria, Wasted, from Tecate and Dyon Exxxtortion, which I haven't had the pleasure to actually see live. That'll be on a Friday so prepare for some good Thrash and cheap beer!

Now most importantly is Warbringer on Sunday, why Sunday well because that's the date they gave the place so fuck it and enjoy it, and from this video I can tell you shit is going to be as awesome as it gets. For said event we'll have Soldiery, chicken molester!, Scythe, all the way from LA, Restos Mortales, from Tecate, Voces sin Rostro and Ausgebombt, from Mexicali.

If you want to go to an awesome event then find a way to get 10 bucks, sell your uberly devaluated liver if you have to you drunken fuck, and you can bet your ass you'll enjoy it.

Lastly there's a group of people, mainly those of us who assist to El Divan in a daily religous fashion, who are getting a sort of help group setup for local metal bands. This group will be known as the Metal Legion of Tijuana and sooner than later you may be able to see us around to lend you a hand.

Until next time,
Vico Surge

Warbringer @ Divan de Alicia - May 8th, 2011

Megafest @ Divan de Alicia - May 6th, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DDLM - Satanico Dramatico, is up for grabs, for free!

So Dia de los Muertos just released their album Satanico Dramatico and it is available for download at their website for free. Yeah you heard me right and there's no trick aside from filling up a form and clicking your way into the 10 song album which so far is sounding good to me.

Do yourself a favor and download it now!

Maybe you're looking for this?

For the people being redirected by the K. Mandla blog this is the address you're looking for; just recently made it as mentioned before so enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ohh, why hello there all the way from little Tijuana!

Well it seems that getting kindly back-linked by K. Mandla has brought in a heavy influx of users into this blog, heavy goes something like... 100 to 200 visitors?

Ironically this blog has not much to do with technology... yeah I wouldn't consider Metal of any brand to be technologically savvy, well maybe that's just me since you know there's bands like Blood Stain Child and Fear Factory with their almost morbid obsession with Terminator.

Ok I think I'm actually being an ass about the subject but hey nevermind me, I'm just some dude writting a blog.

On the other hand I may start a techie blog and add some random stories and ways to fix stuff that I learned while I worked at a Medical Disposables Factory... those were REALLY fun times.

And as a final side note I'll be adding more concerts for the nearby area as soon as possible.

Take care ya'll!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gig Review: Megafest @ El Divan de Alicia

Holy fucking tits now that was a good gig and when I say good, son, I mean it.

The event started a bit late, or at least I think it started late, which will explain a huge dissapointment that will come at the end of the review. First let us go straight into the bands.

First, Wasted, no comments here to be honest and people weren't drunk enough to actually start caring about starting a mosh. Decent, but that's about it.

Then comes Rebirth by Fire which was better than expected, at least for me since I've heard only songs on MySpace, and fuck if I didn't start a pit in that mother fucker. RBF has good structure and has what I would call the Pantera/Lamb of God effect... highly recommended to check/add their Facebook AND that you check out their MySpace so you can enjoy their music. Good show guys, keep it going!

Afterwards we have Contrafuego; I created hype for them because as I've previously mentioned on another review they are fucking awesome. Great show, great energy, awesome solos and riffs but most importantly a nice pit where I got my shit beat up for going around in circles waiving a gray shirt like some fucking african tribesman or a helicopter, your choice there. And yes, a Dreamtheater cover was called into the game again with a surprise song which consisted of Crazy Train.

This is what the fuck I'm talking about.

A while later after their awesome set I got a Demo, excellent, and will be performing a review of said Demo after I've digested it out. Remember to check 'em out on Facebook and MySpace.

Following up, State of Denial. This is fucking Hardcore son and it's coming here to kick you hard in your fucking balls like you have no idea and that fucking Sepultura Cover, War for Territory, was superbly performed and in general it is a band that I would go see again and again and expect to see you in the fucking pit when the guy is growling so hard you think Satan himself came out of fucknig hell. Can't seem to find their FB or MySpace so if anyone can provide it I'll add it.

Arkangel was the last band to play, their power metal is good, ohh yes good, and that cover of Hallowed be Thy Name was fucking sweeeeeet as hell but unfortunately since everything started late, everyone took their sweet fucking time and Arkangel decided to go into stage, not dissing though, so there was no secret tribute...


Collective FU- from all the headbangers at the bar.

Regardless, it still was a really good gig and it was worth every cent... that I didn't pay because I'm always early you lazy bums.

On an important side note but kinda related there will be a repetition of the previous metal school bus mayhem that will probably happen on the 20th and will end on the 21st. Those interested in joining visit El Divan de Alicia Facebook for more info.

Cheers you crazy fucks and good show!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rant: This, that and what?

Just a quick note, if you're looking for a gig on your vicnity you can try the search box on the top right side to search for your city or a place where you know they usually play.

Next, some band recommendations:
Rebirth by Fire, Facebook and MySpace - Progressive Metal
Chronnenberg, Facebook and MySpace - Industrial Goth Metal
Gamabomb, Facebook and MySpace - Thrash Metal
Colossal, Facebook and MySpace - Fucking Pissed Off Hardcore (F.P.O.H.)

Also check out this blog, which is in spanish but that's cool.

As a final note, have a good weekend!