Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some interesting events of the past few weeks

First off we had that infamous Slayer tribute that we had been waiting for so long now and I'll tell you a little secret about it...

We saw some of the most brutal pits in the history of the Divan and I can say this was a decent blood tribute to Slayer. I recall seeing at least two guys bleeding, one from the ear, and several others looking as if a steamroller had ran over them. The fun part was seeing them the next day all fucked up and trying to walk around like robots.

Someone may upload a video of that and if they do I'll link it here so you guys can see how that turned out.

Next stop would be the upcoming Megafest with Konstrictor as the headliners, representing all the way from Mexicali, Vactheria, Wasted, from Tecate and Dyon Exxxtortion, which I haven't had the pleasure to actually see live. That'll be on a Friday so prepare for some good Thrash and cheap beer!

Now most importantly is Warbringer on Sunday, why Sunday well because that's the date they gave the place so fuck it and enjoy it, and from this video I can tell you shit is going to be as awesome as it gets. For said event we'll have Soldiery, chicken molester!, Scythe, all the way from LA, Restos Mortales, from Tecate, Voces sin Rostro and Ausgebombt, from Mexicali.

If you want to go to an awesome event then find a way to get 10 bucks, sell your uberly devaluated liver if you have to you drunken fuck, and you can bet your ass you'll enjoy it.

Lastly there's a group of people, mainly those of us who assist to El Divan in a daily religous fashion, who are getting a sort of help group setup for local metal bands. This group will be known as the Metal Legion of Tijuana and sooner than later you may be able to see us around to lend you a hand.

Until next time,
Vico Surge

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