Saturday, May 14, 2011

Band Review: Sabaton

Medieval Armor Footwear (Sabaton)
 No, we're not talking about some medieval armored footwear. We're talking about a relentless war machine coming all the way from Sweden to show you that not only Trolls and really pissed off Death/Black Metal comes from such a frozen land.

Sabaton is a Power Metal band of the interesting kind, back when I heard them somewhere around 2009 it came to me as an interesting project. This is a Power Metal band talking mostly of World War 2 and a bunch other wars most people have forgotten through time or don't want to remember, like the Six Day War or the Vietnam War, and every time they've surprised me again and again.

Sabaton, the Power Metal band from Sweden
First they had a bunch of covers they recorded into their debut album called Fist for Fight, quite original yes, then they made their own material and called it Primo Victoria, so far so good, with a nice keyboard combining powerful long power chords, then they went for Attero Dominatus, with an impressive intro song called as the album it wasn't lacking at all, then they progressed to The Art of War, which talks about Sun-Tzu, and let me tell you this was one of the best records I had heard so far until the release of the all-mighty and powerful Coat of Arms, again the power they deliver through their album is massive and I'm still debating between The Art of War and Coat of Arms but still I'd recommend anybody to pick both up or pick all their material up for that matter.

In brief, awesome band from Sweden that doesn't growl or tune their guitar lower yet has powerful vocals, no falsetto screams by the way, and excellent music that any headbanger would enjoy. Check them out on YouTube and do yourself a favor and get a physical copy if you'd like to listen to their music, the band is well worth the price of their albums in my personal opinion.

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