Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Acrassicauda at Brick by Brick in San Diego

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I'm MexiMetal, Vico's friend and he's letting me post about the awesome concert I saw last night at Brick by Brick. I went to see an Iraqi metal band called Acrassicauda.

I first learned about them in the Public Library of all places. I saw a book entitled "Heavy Metal in Baghdad: The Story of Acrassicauda". My first reaction was WTF!? So I checked out the book and was fascinated by their story. Of how the got started into metal listening to bootleg copies of Sepultura and Metallica. This reminded me a lot of when I first got into metal in Mexico, back before the Internet and YouTube.

"Born out of a basement rehearsal space in Baghdad and inspired by western bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Slipknot, Acrassicauda ("Black Scorpion") played only three live shows in Iraq before the country began to disintegrate around them. Rebels and religious fundamentalists accused them of Satan worship. Eventually it became impossible to find any venue where they could safely perform. Still, they refused to let their dreams die."

Because of the book I learned there was a documentary on them. Here's the clip of the documentary, click here to get to the site. Once I saw the film I realized how much I've taken for granted the freedom to choose what I listen to and go to see bands without a second thought, especially as a woman. The only fear I have is getting knocked out by people in the mosh pit.

That was then, this is now!

The first time I saw them live was at The Roxy in West Hollywood, in one of those concerts offered by Scion/Radio 17, which are FREE concerts, all you need to do is RSVP.

It was a pretty good show and I remember the vocalist Faisal Mustafa said: "If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be playing a gig in Hollywood, I would have said they were out of their Fucking minds", and of course everyone made lots of noise.

This time, I got to see them in their first U.S. Tour which ended in San Diego, CA at Brick by Brick.

Another personal anecdote about them, on Sunday I was in Mexicali visiting family and left a cousin's birthday party early so I could get on my way to San Diego and see the band. After I crossed the border, I stopped at the gas station I always stop at before getting on my way. And I noticed a white van with this guy that looked too familiar.

I feel somewhat embarassed now because I was star struck looking at Tony Yaqoo with wide eyes and surprised expression, got down from my car and said hello. I was very excited to meet them! The guys are so nice and even took a pic with them. Also once we all made it to Brick by Brick they all said Hello to me again. Yay!

The concert itself was full of energy, it wasn't packed or anything, but the fans are die hard and make as much noise as they can. Their debut album "Only the Dead See the End of the War" contains only four songs, but they sang a lot more than that.

This band is brutal and dedicated to their music. Once you start listening to them you will get the struggle and history behind each song. Though they are not politically motivated they do have something to say and they say it in the best way possible, with fucking awesome music!

Here are some pics I took at the concert and at the end is a video of their song "Garden of Stones". Also here are links to their social sites so you can follow them as well:




Before they start each concert

Small crowd but loud as hell!!

Marwan Hussein

Mo (guitar) / Firas (bass) / Tony (guitar) / Faisal (vocals)

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