Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recommendation of Today: Ill Niño - Confessions

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Te Amo...I Hate You"   3:33
2. "How Can I Live"   3:17
3. "Two (Vaya Con Dios)"   3:23
4. "Unframed"   3:23
5. "Cleansing"   3:45
6. "This Time's for Real"   3:27
7. "Lifeless...Life..."   2:47
8. "Numb"   4:06
9. "Have You Ever Felt?"   3:18
10. "When It Cuts"   2:48
11. "Letting Go"   3:18
12. "All the Right Words"   4:08
13. "Re-Birth"   2:54
14. "How Can I Live/Como Puedo Vivir" (Spanish Version) 3:11

I remember listening to Ill Niño for the first time in the Headbangers Ball 2CD Compilation back in '04 or '05.

Some time later a friend bought the Confessions CD and lent it to me so I could burn it. I enjoyed it and I still do from time to time when I feel the need to feel nostalgic or simply want to enjoy this interesting fusion of Nu Metal and Tribalistic/Latin Music.

From beginning to end I've always enjoyed it, the guitars, the drums, the chorus, the effects, everything. The voice I've always considered to be hypnotizing when combined with all the effects and instruments, it really transmits a lot of energy to you from beginning to end, from every member of the band.

Highly recommended to be bought in physical format or go for digital but really now, help the band out and do it the right way when acquiring it.

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