Monday, May 9, 2011

Gig Review: Warbringer @ El Divan de Alicia

Warbringer loot!
It's 11:30PM and I know Warbringer is already playing at El Divan. My relay at work was supposed to arrive at 10 and he was nowhere to be found and I knew I was way late for the show so I pressed the eject button and arrive as fast as I can there.

It is midnight.

And they're still playing.

I greet the Legion, the crew that's always there, and grab a beer and a smoke then finally settle down to enjoy the show.

How was it?

The whole thing was good, from what other people told me, and unfortunately there wasn't that many people in there since it was Sunday but alas what can one do when a date is given and it's not negotiable.

How was Warbringer?

It was good, again what I managed to catch up to, and they gave us the privilege to listen to a never before played live song, which the head bangers were happy with and gave the place some creed, BUT what turned it from good to great was the last song.

I've seen huge pits, the size of a parking lot back in '07 with Trivium, I've seen the Mosh Pits and the "Dancers" in Hatebreed, I've seen, and been hit, by a fuck ton of body surfers specially in Danzig, I've seen the brutal pits of Slayer and the post-effects, I gazed first hand the mighty power of Raining Blood, completely baffled by its power, which gives me shivers every time I remember it, I was on the front row for Lamb of God wall of death, which is another memory that makes me shiver, and quite fondly remember telling Randy, the vocal of Lamb of God, to go fuck himself after he told me to join the wall of death, he just laughed at the comment and probably thought I'm a fucking pussy for not smashing my head against some huge head banger that's as tall as a tree and hard as a rock, I don't have the constitution for that shit, and I mention this because I moshed at Cannibal Corpse and I got beat the fuck up, by a chick that looked like a TANK and had enough metal on her face to raise the alarm of any metal detector in a ten mile radius.

Regardless, I'm getting away from the subject at hand.

Even though there were only a handful of people the vocal managed to get nice circle pits going around and a mini wall of death which turned into what I call "the blender".

What is the blender?

What happens after you do a Wall of Death? You start beating the shit out of everything in your way because you're pumped with adrenaline. You start jumping all over the place and then people start spinning fucking angrily and fast like a horde of wasps. That's the blender, the post-effect of a well performed wall of death, and if this doesn't happen and people can freely go back to wherever they were originally located then you didn't do it well.

I feel proud to be honest, and I mentioned this before on another review, for being able to see bands like Warbringer and Cruel Hand down here in Tijuana and not in the US. It's different to the local scene, obviously, but regardless of that the point is that bands from another country are coming here which speaks a lot about us, as Mexicans, our nation and El Divan de Alicia.

I didn't take pictures, I got one taken though but I don't know the person, aside from the one above which doesn't count but I got fond memories of the event, specially those of alcohol... lots of alcohol... but more importantly we got to chat and the guys are an interesting bunch, really interesting bunch.

So in brief, an excellent show, awesome supporting crowd, for coming out on Sunday nonetheless, good times and good friends. Catch Warbringer on their oncoming tour if you have a chance, you won't regret it!

Dates below for your commodity:

Jun 18Cobalt CafeCanoga Park, CA

Jun 24The Blue Lagoon w/A Band of Orcs, Hatchet, Exmortus, WitchhavenSanta Cruz, CA

Jun 25Slaughter By the Water Fest - Craneway PavillionRichmond, CA

Jul 08Metaphor CafeEscondido, CA

Jul 09The VaultTemecula, CA

Jul 16Famous Sports BarThousand Oaks, CA

Jul 22The StarlineFresno, CA

Jul 23Thrashocalypse - Melody BallroomModesto, CA
Jul 24The VaultHollister, CA

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