Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exumer, Autographs and Concert in TJ

Well it's been a while since I've posted and that's because *drum roll*

I haven't gone to any concerts and haven't had time to read any more news or heard about anything interesting except this below:

Exumer? Really? Here? Well that would be a HUGE change of pace but some people are reeeeeeeally skeptical about this one. Why? Well it has happened a lot of times before that bands promise to come down here and we never hear anything from 'em (e.g. La Cuca which flunked heavily on us).

If you're going then be my guest to go first for some autographs and don't be a cheap fuck, buy a t-shirt but wait... the concert ticket is 350 pesos? Holy fucking shit that's kinda expensive and it's not like Exumer is the biggest band to come out of Germany in the last 25 years. Point given, it has some sort status but it ain't no Kreator.

So anyway, go and check 'em out, buy a CD if you're not going to the concert (Yeah I'll be honest I'm not going but that's because I got another event and I'm not paying that much to see 'em although they bring a decent retinue of Thrash bands so the coin is in the air)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Concert Forecast of 2011

So I have been checking the upcoming concerts for 2011 and for the moment these are some of the concerts I'm planning to go and that YOU should also go to.

Kataklysm: March 9 - SOMA, San Diego
Supporting Bands:
All Shall Perish
Decrepit Birth
Conducting from the Grave
Abysmal Dawn

Eluveitie: February 18, Key Club, Los Angeles/Hollywood
Supporting Bands:
3 inches of Blood
Holy Grail
System Divide

Ensiferium: February 9, Ramona Mainstage, Ramona
Supporting Bands:
Rotten Sound
Barren Earth

Gamma Ray: February 1, Key Club, Los Angeles/Hollywood
Supporting Bands:
Shadows Entwined
Axe Hammer

Deicide: March 9, Brick by Brick, San Diego
Supporting Bands:

More to come as I continue to scavenge the net for more delicious metal!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interview: Divan de Alicia

I ended up getting smashed enough to not be able to perform the interview with the guys from Soldiery at the Divan. In all honesty the beer was good and you can't beat one liter of beer, one third of a gallon for you gringo, for 1.50 bucks each.

Also due to the unfortunate event of me acquiring a passport I could not stay long enough to interview everybody and could not afford it, beer even though decently cheap was quickly draining my pocket and I could not afford that so woe unto me.

I did get a quick verbal interview with the owner of the Divan which unfortunately I could not record because my cell phone was being shitty and music was pretty high enough for it to distort whatever was being recorded, so the interview went something like this:

VS: So they call you Perro.

Perro: Yeah, that's me.

VS: What are you, the owner?

Perro: I'm the manager of the Divan.

VS: Who's the owner?

Perro: There used to be 4 (5?) of us but in the end me and another person bought everything off from the rest of the guys and here we are. Funny fact, I was the one that invested the least on the bar so I told the other guys that I should be the manager and here you have me 2 years later.

VS: That's awesome!

Perro: Yeah, and back then we weren't sure what to expect but we went for it since there was not a place like this dedicated to Metal where you could at least listen to the commercial stuff all day long. It took some time for Metal that wasn't the black album from Metallica to be accepted at La Plaza and once that began to happen the idea of the Divan became "profitable" and we went for it.

VS: So you started at La Plaza? (La Plaza is what we know as Plaza Fiesta or La Plaza del Balazo, funny fact is that there's been some people shot and stabbed over there but all places keep opening as if nothing had happened)

Perro: We started there and we had two floors. Below it was dedicated to the headbangers in general and upstairs we had DJ's coming in with the heavier stuff.

VS: Dark? Psycho?

Perro: Dark, Psycho, Trance, it varied but yeah we had it and it worked for us!

VS: Then you decided to move down here.

Perro: We decided to move down here and continue with the what we have. We're making some promotions to bring more people in like Metal bands for free on Friday and beer at half the price from 8 to 10.

VS: Yep, that's why we come down here and stay! (Note: December saw a change in the promotion with beer being at half the price all day from Thursday to Saturday. Go for it!)

And this is roughly how it went. There are some minor additional details but most importantly is the fact that the Divan lets local bands play, sometimes giving them some cut, provides you with cheap beer and good music. Also you've got two mini-marts just across the street so what else could you ask for?

Ohh yeah that's right, that guy that comes in when we're really drunk and sells us pizzas freshly baked. Hmmmmmmmm... pizza.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bring Me The Horizon @ SOMA, SD - 10/30/2010

This is a delayed review but wow, wait, BMTH? What the fuck?

Yeah, I listen to some really heavy bands but I also listen to some weird shit, check YouTube for Verka Serduchka, and this is one of the cases.

As usual it was a whole fucking adventure to get there and unfortunately we missed August Burns Red because of this but oh well I'll pay the tickets next time for that one.

Bring Me The Horizon.

I'm going to be completely honest, I felt as if I was REALLY out of fucking place at that concert. When more than 10% of the population inside a room is from the opposite sex shit becomes weird, it is even more awkward when some are really pretty and dressed as if they were going to a prom or some such. Also most of said population was WAY shorter than me, even men were shorter than me, and the fact that I was wearing my Brujeria T-Shirt made me feel awkward but hey they can all fuck off if they care so much about that.

Once the lights went off BMTH came into stage and then, GASP, Oliver Sykes which is the ugliest son of a bitch I've seen and I'm not talking about his skinny physique, I'm talking about the retarded amount of tattoos that hold no business there, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a tattoo on his dick. Now don't get me wrong folks I don't have anything against tattoing your ass since it's yours in the end but I do have a problem when you do your entire body from head to toes, it is fucking disgusting and horrible, oh my god I still have some sense of decency inside me... no wait that was a gag reflex since I'm trying not to vomit just thinking about it.

Speaking about that, you know what's also weird, the smell at the concert.

It wasn't sweat, someone taking a shit on their pants, or pot for that matter, it was perfume. Yes I shit you not and for me, as a head banger, this is weird since I'm already used to all the other fancy aromas in the air but not this particular one which obviously leads you to think the chicks are only there to see Oliver Sykes and not the music, BIG FUCKING DUH.

And that is disappointing because there are some really great songs believe or not like Football Season is Over, Diamonds aren't Forever, The Comedown, Pray for Plagues, just to name a few which just make me want to jump all over the place and run in circles while yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs... BUT NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE BOY, THIS IS HARDCORE DANCE CENTRAL. Again another perfect opportunity for a circle pit blown to shit by some little turd flinging his arms around and dropping some karate/tae-kwan-do kicks. There were some pits that assembled but they quickly diminished because, you guessed it, hardcore kids were dancing in the middle of everything.

Fucking damn it kids, stop it and stop it right now, you're ruining everyones fun and no, you don't look fucking hardcore you just look like a retard that should be smacked in the face.

In the end it was a decent concert, only eight songs which is not great but not horrible either and at least they played some of their classics so it compensates.

I give it 8 out of 10 because, regardless if you played classics or not, the concert wasn't long enough, in my oponion, and as much as Oliver Sykes wanted he could not get his infamous SOMA wide circle pit. Also the purple t-shirts with a bear... you have an album with a chick holding her intestines with both hands which is rightly called Suicide Seasons and you sell a fucking purple t-shirt with a bear. Get shit straight man!

Vico out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

6th time is the suckiest one

I didn't want to rant about work here but this deserves an honorable mention.

I work IT from 7 to 6 on a Factory which I won't disclose here but we do medical stuff which pretty much makes for an interesting experience since you actually have to know how the whole process works to understand what you're doing to the PC and how it'll affect the whole thing.

For over a year now we've tried 6 times to get these old ass Windows 2000 PC's running on obsolete workstations to move from our main network into a segregated one over a VLAN.

Woah, wait, what is all this shit I'm talking about? Let me explain it to you.

Our company has a policy that states that obsolete PC's should not be inside our network since they're a haven for viruses and the like so we have to get them out of the way or move them to a segregated section of the network with no access to any other computers or the internet so they'll remain there until they rot into fucking extintion... it is most likely that the extition of humanity will happen first but regardless of the point we still have to do it.

So how do you pull out this technical mumbo-jumbo I'm talking about?

You make the network think they're not there. Sounds weird? Not really, computers and switches or routers can do amazing things nowadays that could have never been performed some 10 years ago and let's not even go back to the 60's because that's fucking scary.

Inside the switch, a Cisco Switch, which is the device that allows you to connect multiple PC's into your network you do this crazy magical voodoo shit. Think of it as a river that has a delta and keeps forking everywhere but you have to cut out one of the forks because it is in danger of being infested with mosquitos with malaria or some other really fucked up disease you're only supposed to see over in Africa. You do this by putting a dam on its way and that is exactly what we are trying to do, putting up a dam on it so it won't go back up and we can only control what and how much exactly goes down there.

Now this sounds easy but apparently it is not since I've stated before that this is our sixth time trying this out and let me tell you everytime it has been the same shit. We segregate, we reboot and we pray it works but unfortunately God, a Deity, an Icon or whatever it is that you or the IT people praise, maybe the Machine God, hates us like you have no clue.

We've had people look directly into the code for the program, built in fucking Visual Basic 6 which has been obsolete now for some good... 10 years maybe and scares the fuck out of me since we're not supposed to be seeing this kind of things on this time and age, but anyway they fucked around with it and got it to work on a test environment but as soon as you pass it into the real deal it blows up and nothing works. First time we were confused and scared shitless since NOTHING, FUCKING, WORKED, even after returning them they wouldn't work but to our luck some asiatic chick from Texas figured it out and we were saved...

Since then it has downspiralled into an orgy of ideas, tweaking and fucking around with things that as I've mentioned before SHOULD BE LEFT AS THEY ARE. In IT there's a Golden rule that I believe is also a Golden rule everywhere, if it works DO NOT FUCK WITH IT. But yeah you get those assholes upstairs to understand that and they'll tell you Windows 2000 just came out yesterday and that McAfee is the best antivirus ever... right.

So today was our sixth try, yeah sixth, and guess what? It failed... wow I'm surprised guys, I thought the third time we would have understood that we're outgunned and outmatched by something probably built back in '98 by someone that doesn't work for our customer anymore that had too much caffeine injected into his veins to kill a cow or maybe even a complete herd.

What is the plan of action then? Call in the guy that did the setup for this thing, who charges the modest amount of 200 dlls an hour, to get this working for us. And my veredict is that he'll fix it in five minutes or some such and he'll shit all over us, and oh he likes to shit on whoever stands on his way whenever he can, because we were too stupid to do it ourselves.

In brief kids, our lesson for today is if it works DON'T FUCK AROUND WITH IT and if you, for some god forsaken reason need to then call the guy who did it because you never know what kind of sacrifice or pact he had with Satan himself to make it work.

I'm going to deviate a little also to do a quick review of this Black Metal band from TJ, wow go figure, I'm listening to right now.

Black Blasphemy.

I've heard some Black Metal back in the day and there's a lot of shit, you'll hear this from EVERYONE including people that are deep into it and will all concur that it is like finding a diamond in a pile of shit. Fortunately I'm kind of lucky to find said diamonds around all the shit and this happens to be the case.

What does it sound like? Well... Black Metal, but the good kind and I recommend giving it a try if you want to hear something new with a nice vibe of the good ol' fuck Christianity in the ass and burn Churches, I'm looking at you Varg Vikernes, then you should give this a try.

It's raw, not raw as hell though, raspy vocals, a drum kit that sounds decent enough for Black Metal or Metal in general and guitars you can actually listen too instead of just hearing hissing everywhere.

Here's the link to their MySpace (fuck I thought that thing had died years ago): http://www.myspace.com/blackblasphemyofficial

Also there's another note of interest for this Friday, the Divan de Alicia over at 7th street Downtown is having a free gig, quite excellent and cool of them as usual, and with happy hour from 5 to 10 so you can get shit smashed and bang your head like a fucking maniac when the guys come out to play.

Here's a flyer from said event, have fun guys and hope to see you there, Vico out!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cruel Hand @ Burro Rayado, TJ - 11/09/2010

Well, that was quite an adventure yesterday.

First off the place where Cruel Hand was supposed to play was not the right one, the people down there didn't know what the hell I was talking about and when you're in a Mexican Sports Bar on 9th street Downtown TJ the last thing they are going to know about is some band from fucking Maine coming down here to play.

Beaten I left for my house, went to check Facebook and 'lo and behold I find out that the new location is the Burro Rayado down over 5th and 6th street downtown, which I fucked passed by without noticing anything. My mission was set again and I flew back to downtown and there, inside this little bar, I find myself surrounded surprisingly enough by people I knew from back when I worked at Telvista, Hellvista with love for those who know it, and was informed that Cruel Hand hadn't played yet. I was lucky.

I got to see two bands before Cruel Hand, the first one unfortunately I didn't get their name so sorry guys but still you did good although there's something that has annoyed me so far from every band that I've ever seen live down here in TJ. The silence after every song and the confusion between band members as to what they're supposed to be playing next, at least for me that counts for something which takes me to the next point.

Bone Breaker.

Holy fuck are those guys tight and ripping shit open all over the place. They're heavy, they make you dance to the beat, wobble your head and make you want to hit somebody in the fucking face while screaming at the top of your lungs, or the bottom if you're into guttural stuff. The guys were professional to say the least and the vocalist brought in that flavor I've always liked in between songs, the comments, the comedy, the aggression, his thoughts or the bands, whatever it is he just shouted it out and provided quite a superb experience.

Also had a chat with the vocalist, turns out he ALSO worked at Hellvista and he has been up to a lot since he left the hole going as far as Mexico City to play a gig and returning that same day to play down here on TJ, now you can't tell me that ain't love for music.

In brief, these guys get a 10 out of 10, also go and check out their video on YouTube and if you can support the band because they deserve it and soon they'll be doing a quick tour to Brazil!

Now onto the main spotlight:

Cruel Hand.

Hardcore Dancing that almost got me kicked in the nuts, check, a mosh pit that look like a fucking stampede, check, awesome songs, double check, ripping shit up, check also, coming all the way down from Portland, Maine, mother fucking priceless. It is unfortunate that I cannot perform a review song by song since I couldn't actually hear the name of the songs from being so close to the amps but let me assure you that this, this right here, has something going on and you should go see it on the next show near you. I guarantee you'll be satisfied with that you see.

Now see, TJ has seen a lot of action during its existence and bands have come here more often that you would think, Slayer, Nirvana, Metallica, Anthax, Tool, they and many more have all played down here at some point even if you don't believe it. But the fact that you came all the way down here to our little piece of hell from up there where your ass freezes as soon as you walk out to the street, well that just makes your day and I give props to Cruel Hand for this.

10 out of 10 not only for an awesome gig but also for being cool like that and coming down here to play in front of our small crowd in lil TJ.

Thanks guys for coming, for the 3rd time actually!

Keep it frosty and I'll leave you with this picture of the guys outside the gig after they finished.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why hello there!

Hey there,

The purpose of this blog is to make reviews of gigs I've attended to in the surrounding area of the Californias and some other random rants I may come up with that you, the reader, could or may find enjoyable.

Until next time, keep frosty.