Monday, February 28, 2011

Megafest @ Divan de Alicia, TJ, BC, MX - 03/04/2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rant: This, that and what?

Just a quick note, if you're looking for a gig on your vicnity you can try the search box on the top right side to search for your city or a place where you know they usually play.

Next, some band recommendations:
Rebirth by Fire, Facebook and MySpace - Progressive Metal
Chronnenberg, Facebook and MySpace - Industrial Goth Metal
Gamabomb, Facebook and MySpace - Thrash Metal
Colossal, Facebook and MySpace - Fucking Pissed Off Hardcore (F.P.O.H.)

Also check out this blog, which is in spanish but that's cool.

As a final note, have a good weekend!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Arkham Productions - Primer Aniversario @ El Punto Extreme Rock Bar, EN, BC, MX - 03/12/2011

Yes, this is why I complain about fucking unreadable logos... can't guess half the logos here for flying fuck tits!

Scheisse Minnelli @ Mi Pueblito Bar - 04/16/2011

The Scurrilous Tour @ SOMA, SD, CA - 04/09/2011

Welcome To Hell Tour @ Soma, SD, CA - 03/13/2011

Names Mean Nothing @ Soma, SD, CA - 05/13/2011

Band Review: Circus Maximus

I am not exactly sure how to describe this but a band whose name is Circus Maximus makes me think of something really fucking bloody and deadly like a true Circus Maximus, fucking Nascar of the Roman Era.

Like Nascar only with chariots and more crashes

So it suddenly comes to my attention that there is a band with said name but even though it follows the standard theme per say it is not as violent as... Ex Deo for example which goes balls deep on putting a good representation/show of the Roman Empire in their videos and lyrics.

Now Circus Maximus as I mentioned I don't personally feel it drops into this category but regardless of that it is awesome... awesome in the sense that it is progressive in many ways but I'll let you again be the judge of that by this 11 minute masterpiece.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aliados por el Rock @ Le Drug Store, TJ, MX - 03/05/2011

Tribute: Iron Maiden y Metallica @ Some dudes house (I think?), MXL, BC - 03/12/2011

Fucking Death Metal Fonts, how do they work?

Ok, seriously this gets a little out of hand sometimes in Death and Black Metal.

Fucking Brutal or is it "Br00tal"? How about fucking unreadable!

Yes, some of these are still readable but it has reached a point where even Metal Sucks has made a contest out of fucking completely unreadable band logos that no human being in their existence could ever decipher unless they know fucking hieroglyphs or understand a lot about symbology... seriously what the flying fuck goes on here?

Just dropping my two cents here people. If I like a band, the sound, the energy, the lyrics or whatever is it that caught my attention I need to know its fucking name so I can actually go around and say "Hey X or Y band is awesome, go check 'em out" instead of, "Well fuck I heard this band the other day but between the unholy growls and the unreadable logo I never caught their name".

And I'm being honest here dudes and dudettes, if you're playing I'm sure you're having a good time but I'm also sure, 90% sure, that you're doing this for the money and if that's the case think about it, take off your Brutal Hardhat by the way, and you'll see a little bit of logic in it.

To Violently Vomit Disgorge @ Ruby Room, SD, CA - 03/26/2011

Metal Swap Meet? In my vicinity?

When we speak of a Swap Meet you usually remember the song with the same name from Nirvana or you think about this:


So how about we spiced this on a bowl of satanic invocations, black, really fucking heavy music and people selling you what you actually want?

Exhibit A, fucking "metal" disco ball

This dream has been alive now for two years and it is going to keep up hopefully for many, many, many more years to come. From what I understand we will be living this experience again on April 23rd and you can keep connected with them at their Facebook.

Flyer below just in case you want more info on what's up with the Metal Swap Meet.

Illuminati anyone?

Album Review: Crisis in Utopia



Ok, if you haven't listened to Holy Grail album Crisis in Utopia then you should and not because you're a Heavy (True) Metal fan but simply because it is fucking awesome!

As I said before I was digesting the album and so far the first half is my favorite although I don't think there's any song that I don't like in this little piece of gold... and to think I missed this band.

Fuck my life...

Anyway point and case, go listen to this and this, chant the songs and try to get as pitch high as our dear friend screaming at the top of his lungs on Fight to Kill.

This album easily gets a 10 out of 10 on the scale of heavy fucking metal and it is must have inside your collection, if you can get the vynil album then do it because being honest this deserves to be stamped in old school LPs and Audio Casettes but alas we are in a digital era and that shit just doesn't fly anymore "grandpa".


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tribute: Mago de Oz, Saratoga y Angeles del Infierno @ TJ Arte y Rock Cafe, TJ (Duh), MX - 03/03/2011

Sal de la Tierra @ Mi Publito Bar, TJ, MX - 04/12/2010

Ok just a quick note on this one, this date from what I understand collides with another gig Soldiery has with Disgrace and Evildead at Le Drug Store... but regardless this one costs 10 pesos only (85 american cents for you my friends on the other side of the border)

Sincho Kaliman Solin Simonta Perro Cacheton!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recommendations: Disgrace (MX) / Unleash The Archers (CA)

Ok, two recommendations for today.

First we have a Death, Thrash, Deathrash, Groove... band from Aguascalientes (Hot Waters... yeah, that's what the name of the city means).

Fuck it I'm not sure but this is fast and hard hitting, vocals sound like someone throat is about to be ripped out from so much screaming, the songs... I could mosh really fucking hard to these fuckers and blow my head off at the same time; catchy mother fuckers and as a quick side note remember that we'll be seeing them on March 12 at Le Drugstore so if you wanna catch 'em around do it so!

Then there's this!

Unleash The Archers is quite interesting... first of all the name, who the fuck comes up with the name Unleash The Archers?

Pretty sure we're talking about the same archers

Regardless, point and case at hand is that they're quite an interesting bunch of fellows... and the gal of course. They blend a nice amount of Death(core) and Metalcore with decent enough vocals, which sometime seem a bit out of place, but it ends up being something maybe only certain groups of listeners would enjoy.

Check them out and judge by yourself!

Band Review: Brujeria

First of the word Brujeria translates directly to Witchcraft; you know this shit gets serious there and that's just the beginning.

I've seen vague mentions of Brujeria here and there, one that I can remember right now is a review by Sergeant D, my lost twin, on Metal Sucks.

Why would I bring Brujeria up anyway if it's been reviewed and the mystery about satanic drug traffickers has been revealed (Booo!) as nothing more than a scam, in a way because to be honest one could have sworn that if they came from Baja they were actually narcs, and whatnot.

The reason is simple; it was one of the first metal bands I ever heard. When other kids were into Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Britney Spears, Metallica and so on I was listening to this group of tough mexican fuckers talking about satanic rituals (using white people as their victims), drug trafficking (and selling it to white people), crossing the border (to kill white people). Did I mention the hatred for white people?

Best of all was the "all-star" line-up which recently has become more of a "true" all-star line-up with Jeff Walker for starters, they had Billy Gould from Faith No More before, and Adrian Erlandsso which used to play in At The Gates and Cradle of Filth, they had Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory before until shit got blown over and Brujeria went into a grind if not literally stopped for years.

There's also another interesting topic here and that is that the band is meant for Mexicans that live at the other side of the border or inside Mexico on it's northern border. Not dissing anyone but with songs like Killing White People (Matando Gueros), Cross the Border I and II (Cruza la Frontera/La Migra) and Hated Race (Raza Odiada) just to mention a few, are meant to be understood by said Mexicans on the border.

But can you enjoy the music itself? Mucho yes si.

If you don't enjoy it the Brujo will force you to, gringo...

In brief; it's almost 20 years since this band came out on the public eye and caused a commotion with the cover of their first album and their Satanic Drug Dealing Rituals. My recommendation to you is just to relax, enjoy and beware that creepy giant mexican with a machete that you pay to clean your house.

The Hypersleep Dialogues Trek @ SOMA, SD, CA - 05/06/11

Band: Dia De Los Muertos (DDLM)

No, I'm not talking about these guys.

Looking for a Vocalist, inquiries down in hell

I'm talking about THESE guys.

I recall hearing them a couple of years ago and buying their original Mini-CD/Album/EP/Whatever and I liked what I was hearing. Alfonso Pizon on drums is solid as fuck, Andres Jaramillo and Adrian Villanueva play some mean chunky guitars that could cut you in half and with a huge repertory of guest vocalists, which include Tony Campos AKA Maldito X (Static-X, Asesino, Possessed) and recently Jeff Walker (Carcass), so it is no surprise that this band is building some quality material right now as we speak.

The band is releasing a new album called Satanico Dramatico which should be hitting stores by March 23 so in the meantime while we wait for that to happen why don't you check out their Facebook or MySpace and follow them/befriend them/etc.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Evildead @ Le Drug Store, TJ, MX - 03/12/2011

Metal Night @ Some dudes house, Tecate, MX - 02/26/11

Embers @ Mi Pueblito, TJ, MX - April 13, 2011

Angeles del Infierno @ Black Box, TJ, MX, March 11, 2011

Mosh Rebellion

Something really quick or quicker than usual, I know there's only like four or three of you who actually read this but for those who care there's this other recent, well kinda recent, blog that you should be checking out and that is Mosh Rebellion.

Upcoming Gigs, Part 3

Ok, I'm still getting this shit together but the first band going on this list is Amon Amarth, mother fuckers let the viking invasion begin!

Amon Amarth (By themselves):
04/24/2011 House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA

Rammstein (After 10 fucking years, about time!):
20/05/2011 The Forum - LA, CA

The Big 4 (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax):
04/23/2011 Empire Polo Club - Indio, CA

Angeles del Infierno:
11/04/2011 Black Box - TJ, BC, MX

Brick by Brick, SD, CA:
07/05/2011 - Asesino
11/06/2011 - Fear Factory

El Divan de Alicia, Tijuana, BC:
03/04/2011 - Megafest
18/04/2011 - Black Metal Fest
TBA - Sepultura Tribute
TBA - Megadeth Tribute
TBA - Slayer Tribute
TBA - Judas Priest Tribute

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Album Review: Byzantine, Oblivion Beckons (2008)


Byzantine mother fucker, do you speak it... no wait that's wrong, the Byzantines spoke fucking Latin or Greek.

Anyway, point and case is fucking Byzantine is awesome but underrated as fuck and I'll never understand why. Just hear at this song from their album Oblivion Beckons and tell me it ain't fucking awesome, yeah you take that and shove it down your pipe mister because you know this is awesome.

Go check the rest on their MySpace site, or is it My______ now?

And for the love of whatever you like buy them something, they need it to record more fucking awesome music or well maybe not but damn it give them money.

Noches de Heavy Metal @ El Punto, Ensenada, BC, MX - 02/19/2011

Fucking Thrash Metal

You see that? Yes, yes you, the kid with the Parkway Drive T-Shirt, this is fucking Thrash Metal from Baja California, or Baja if you wish, so put your leather on and start banging your fucking head at one thousand miles per hour.

Our journey starts at a spot close to where I live. There was this School Bus waiting for us but oh it just wasn't any kind of School Bus, it was the most fucking Metal School Bus ever and it was way too cool for school with enough booze to put a boat afloat.

Just missing flames on the sides and the 50+ drunk headbangers

But all in all it was good, good enough to make a moshpit, good enough to make a circle pit and the highlights were all really nice. Just to mention a few there were covers of Nuke the Cross by Toxic Holocaust, Angel of Death and Raining Blood by Slayer, Agent Orange by Sodom and Holy Diver as performed by Killswitch Engage (Original song by Dio) just to mention a few.

There was another important highlight and that's Contrafuego. Fucking awesome quality stuff right there people and if you can perform a Dream Theater song then you're on my list of you're really fucking awesome, for the record I've never been a Dream Theater fan but I do understand that playing anything composed by them is fucking complex, so props to them and if you see them ask for a demo so you can enjoy their original material which is superbly played live.

What about the rest?

Soldiery has this which in my opinion combines a nice amount of awesome and hilarity (also take note that Moya, the lead guitar, recently played a Tribute to Pantera at el Divan, awesome? Quite so). Then there's Wasted who performed the Nuke the Cross cover, Metal Horde, Metallizer and Vachteria who closed the show with Angel of Death, a cover performed by different members of all the other bands but regardless, Vactheria Ta Cabron (Facebook says so, so it must be true) also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pinky and the Brain.

Cheers to everyone specially Metalebrio and Amadeus for almost getting their asses to jail, the bands for being fucking awesome, the fans for being fucking awesome and pure chaos at the bus, the beer (oh yes a lot of beer), Moya (Uy ese wey!) for organizing the event and finally and most importantly the truck driver for being able to stand us for like 5 fucking hours on our trip back and forth.

Good fucking show guys!

Eluveitie and 3 Inches of Blood @ Glass House, Pomona, CA - 02/18/11

Well it's been a while since I did anything in this blog but on my defense there hasn't been anything cool to talk about until just recently.

Our trip to see Eluveitie was in a way epic, I was late because of the god damn permit you need to acquire to cross beyond a certain point in the US and then there was the fucking water everywhere, but it was quite worth it and once in Pomona it was just 5 minutes away.

Couldn't see System Divide or Holy Grail, although I did get a CD (Crisis in Utopia) so I'll talk about it later on once I've digested it enough.

First we saw 3 inches of blood which was as awesome as I remember it 3/4 years ago at one of the three million times I've seen Trivium (It was Lamb of God, I stand corrected Edgar but I'm not changing jack shit), by accident because I honestly don't get Trivium at all, and all I can say though is Heavy Metal is back and with a vengance, as usual, so if you have a second or two to spare check them out and enjoy this video.

Now for the main event, Eluveitie.

This is a band that I had never imagined I could actually see in person, because you know they're from Switzerland and what not, but holy fuck was it an amazing show to see live. They produce a lot of energy, even though they've touring for the last 2 years, and I can proudly say that this is one of the best metal bands I've seen live and I've had the honor to be in the pressence of.

Songs like Uis Elveti, Thousandfold, Tengernako, Your Gaulish War, Kingdom Come Undone (A Mosh Pit to this was hilarious and awesome since you'll be running in circles and all of sudden you'll see people dancing on the celtic "breakdowns") are superbly played and if you enjoy either Death Metal, Celtic/Pagan Metal or simply like to see really hot chicks on stage then believe me when I say you'll enjoy the show, every, fucking, second.

Unfortunately I cannot completely describe the feeling of awesomeness it is to be infront of such a band so you'll really have to judge by their songs, the pictures below and by actually going to one of their concerts.

A hurdy what now?

In the end I give this concert a 10 out of 10, also check out the Eluveitie's and 3 Inches of Blood website for future dates.

Keep rocking!