Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Band Review: Brujeria

First of the word Brujeria translates directly to Witchcraft; you know this shit gets serious there and that's just the beginning.

I've seen vague mentions of Brujeria here and there, one that I can remember right now is a review by Sergeant D, my lost twin, on Metal Sucks.

Why would I bring Brujeria up anyway if it's been reviewed and the mystery about satanic drug traffickers has been revealed (Booo!) as nothing more than a scam, in a way because to be honest one could have sworn that if they came from Baja they were actually narcs, and whatnot.

The reason is simple; it was one of the first metal bands I ever heard. When other kids were into Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Britney Spears, Metallica and so on I was listening to this group of tough mexican fuckers talking about satanic rituals (using white people as their victims), drug trafficking (and selling it to white people), crossing the border (to kill white people). Did I mention the hatred for white people?

Best of all was the "all-star" line-up which recently has become more of a "true" all-star line-up with Jeff Walker for starters, they had Billy Gould from Faith No More before, and Adrian Erlandsso which used to play in At The Gates and Cradle of Filth, they had Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory before until shit got blown over and Brujeria went into a grind if not literally stopped for years.

There's also another interesting topic here and that is that the band is meant for Mexicans that live at the other side of the border or inside Mexico on it's northern border. Not dissing anyone but with songs like Killing White People (Matando Gueros), Cross the Border I and II (Cruza la Frontera/La Migra) and Hated Race (Raza Odiada) just to mention a few, are meant to be understood by said Mexicans on the border.

But can you enjoy the music itself? Mucho yes si.

If you don't enjoy it the Brujo will force you to, gringo...

In brief; it's almost 20 years since this band came out on the public eye and caused a commotion with the cover of their first album and their Satanic Drug Dealing Rituals. My recommendation to you is just to relax, enjoy and beware that creepy giant mexican with a machete that you pay to clean your house.

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