Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Band: Dia De Los Muertos (DDLM)

No, I'm not talking about these guys.

Looking for a Vocalist, inquiries down in hell

I'm talking about THESE guys.

I recall hearing them a couple of years ago and buying their original Mini-CD/Album/EP/Whatever and I liked what I was hearing. Alfonso Pizon on drums is solid as fuck, Andres Jaramillo and Adrian Villanueva play some mean chunky guitars that could cut you in half and with a huge repertory of guest vocalists, which include Tony Campos AKA Maldito X (Static-X, Asesino, Possessed) and recently Jeff Walker (Carcass), so it is no surprise that this band is building some quality material right now as we speak.

The band is releasing a new album called Satanico Dramatico which should be hitting stores by March 23 so in the meantime while we wait for that to happen why don't you check out their Facebook or MySpace and follow them/befriend them/etc.


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