Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recommendations: Disgrace (MX) / Unleash The Archers (CA)

Ok, two recommendations for today.

First we have a Death, Thrash, Deathrash, Groove... band from Aguascalientes (Hot Waters... yeah, that's what the name of the city means).

Fuck it I'm not sure but this is fast and hard hitting, vocals sound like someone throat is about to be ripped out from so much screaming, the songs... I could mosh really fucking hard to these fuckers and blow my head off at the same time; catchy mother fuckers and as a quick side note remember that we'll be seeing them on March 12 at Le Drugstore so if you wanna catch 'em around do it so!

Then there's this!

Unleash The Archers is quite interesting... first of all the name, who the fuck comes up with the name Unleash The Archers?

Pretty sure we're talking about the same archers

Regardless, point and case at hand is that they're quite an interesting bunch of fellows... and the gal of course. They blend a nice amount of Death(core) and Metalcore with decent enough vocals, which sometime seem a bit out of place, but it ends up being something maybe only certain groups of listeners would enjoy.

Check them out and judge by yourself!

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