Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eluveitie and 3 Inches of Blood @ Glass House, Pomona, CA - 02/18/11

Well it's been a while since I did anything in this blog but on my defense there hasn't been anything cool to talk about until just recently.

Our trip to see Eluveitie was in a way epic, I was late because of the god damn permit you need to acquire to cross beyond a certain point in the US and then there was the fucking water everywhere, but it was quite worth it and once in Pomona it was just 5 minutes away.

Couldn't see System Divide or Holy Grail, although I did get a CD (Crisis in Utopia) so I'll talk about it later on once I've digested it enough.

First we saw 3 inches of blood which was as awesome as I remember it 3/4 years ago at one of the three million times I've seen Trivium (It was Lamb of God, I stand corrected Edgar but I'm not changing jack shit), by accident because I honestly don't get Trivium at all, and all I can say though is Heavy Metal is back and with a vengance, as usual, so if you have a second or two to spare check them out and enjoy this video.

Now for the main event, Eluveitie.

This is a band that I had never imagined I could actually see in person, because you know they're from Switzerland and what not, but holy fuck was it an amazing show to see live. They produce a lot of energy, even though they've touring for the last 2 years, and I can proudly say that this is one of the best metal bands I've seen live and I've had the honor to be in the pressence of.

Songs like Uis Elveti, Thousandfold, Tengernako, Your Gaulish War, Kingdom Come Undone (A Mosh Pit to this was hilarious and awesome since you'll be running in circles and all of sudden you'll see people dancing on the celtic "breakdowns") are superbly played and if you enjoy either Death Metal, Celtic/Pagan Metal or simply like to see really hot chicks on stage then believe me when I say you'll enjoy the show, every, fucking, second.

Unfortunately I cannot completely describe the feeling of awesomeness it is to be infront of such a band so you'll really have to judge by their songs, the pictures below and by actually going to one of their concerts.

A hurdy what now?

In the end I give this concert a 10 out of 10, also check out the Eluveitie's and 3 Inches of Blood website for future dates.

Keep rocking!

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