Sunday, February 20, 2011

Noches de Heavy Metal @ El Punto, Ensenada, BC, MX - 02/19/2011

Fucking Thrash Metal

You see that? Yes, yes you, the kid with the Parkway Drive T-Shirt, this is fucking Thrash Metal from Baja California, or Baja if you wish, so put your leather on and start banging your fucking head at one thousand miles per hour.

Our journey starts at a spot close to where I live. There was this School Bus waiting for us but oh it just wasn't any kind of School Bus, it was the most fucking Metal School Bus ever and it was way too cool for school with enough booze to put a boat afloat.

Just missing flames on the sides and the 50+ drunk headbangers

But all in all it was good, good enough to make a moshpit, good enough to make a circle pit and the highlights were all really nice. Just to mention a few there were covers of Nuke the Cross by Toxic Holocaust, Angel of Death and Raining Blood by Slayer, Agent Orange by Sodom and Holy Diver as performed by Killswitch Engage (Original song by Dio) just to mention a few.

There was another important highlight and that's Contrafuego. Fucking awesome quality stuff right there people and if you can perform a Dream Theater song then you're on my list of you're really fucking awesome, for the record I've never been a Dream Theater fan but I do understand that playing anything composed by them is fucking complex, so props to them and if you see them ask for a demo so you can enjoy their original material which is superbly played live.

What about the rest?

Soldiery has this which in my opinion combines a nice amount of awesome and hilarity (also take note that Moya, the lead guitar, recently played a Tribute to Pantera at el Divan, awesome? Quite so). Then there's Wasted who performed the Nuke the Cross cover, Metal Horde, Metallizer and Vachteria who closed the show with Angel of Death, a cover performed by different members of all the other bands but regardless, Vactheria Ta Cabron (Facebook says so, so it must be true) also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pinky and the Brain.

Cheers to everyone specially Metalebrio and Amadeus for almost getting their asses to jail, the bands for being fucking awesome, the fans for being fucking awesome and pure chaos at the bus, the beer (oh yes a lot of beer), Moya (Uy ese wey!) for organizing the event and finally and most importantly the truck driver for being able to stand us for like 5 fucking hours on our trip back and forth.

Good fucking show guys!


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  2. there were only two hours from tecate

  3. Two hours of what?

    From Tecate to Ensenada?