Friday, November 12, 2010

Bring Me The Horizon @ SOMA, SD - 10/30/2010

This is a delayed review but wow, wait, BMTH? What the fuck?

Yeah, I listen to some really heavy bands but I also listen to some weird shit, check YouTube for Verka Serduchka, and this is one of the cases.

As usual it was a whole fucking adventure to get there and unfortunately we missed August Burns Red because of this but oh well I'll pay the tickets next time for that one.

Bring Me The Horizon.

I'm going to be completely honest, I felt as if I was REALLY out of fucking place at that concert. When more than 10% of the population inside a room is from the opposite sex shit becomes weird, it is even more awkward when some are really pretty and dressed as if they were going to a prom or some such. Also most of said population was WAY shorter than me, even men were shorter than me, and the fact that I was wearing my Brujeria T-Shirt made me feel awkward but hey they can all fuck off if they care so much about that.

Once the lights went off BMTH came into stage and then, GASP, Oliver Sykes which is the ugliest son of a bitch I've seen and I'm not talking about his skinny physique, I'm talking about the retarded amount of tattoos that hold no business there, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a tattoo on his dick. Now don't get me wrong folks I don't have anything against tattoing your ass since it's yours in the end but I do have a problem when you do your entire body from head to toes, it is fucking disgusting and horrible, oh my god I still have some sense of decency inside me... no wait that was a gag reflex since I'm trying not to vomit just thinking about it.

Speaking about that, you know what's also weird, the smell at the concert.

It wasn't sweat, someone taking a shit on their pants, or pot for that matter, it was perfume. Yes I shit you not and for me, as a head banger, this is weird since I'm already used to all the other fancy aromas in the air but not this particular one which obviously leads you to think the chicks are only there to see Oliver Sykes and not the music, BIG FUCKING DUH.

And that is disappointing because there are some really great songs believe or not like Football Season is Over, Diamonds aren't Forever, The Comedown, Pray for Plagues, just to name a few which just make me want to jump all over the place and run in circles while yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs... BUT NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE BOY, THIS IS HARDCORE DANCE CENTRAL. Again another perfect opportunity for a circle pit blown to shit by some little turd flinging his arms around and dropping some karate/tae-kwan-do kicks. There were some pits that assembled but they quickly diminished because, you guessed it, hardcore kids were dancing in the middle of everything.

Fucking damn it kids, stop it and stop it right now, you're ruining everyones fun and no, you don't look fucking hardcore you just look like a retard that should be smacked in the face.

In the end it was a decent concert, only eight songs which is not great but not horrible either and at least they played some of their classics so it compensates.

I give it 8 out of 10 because, regardless if you played classics or not, the concert wasn't long enough, in my oponion, and as much as Oliver Sykes wanted he could not get his infamous SOMA wide circle pit. Also the purple t-shirts with a bear... you have an album with a chick holding her intestines with both hands which is rightly called Suicide Seasons and you sell a fucking purple t-shirt with a bear. Get shit straight man!

Vico out.

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