Friday, November 19, 2010

Concert Forecast of 2011

So I have been checking the upcoming concerts for 2011 and for the moment these are some of the concerts I'm planning to go and that YOU should also go to.

Kataklysm: March 9 - SOMA, San Diego
Supporting Bands:
All Shall Perish
Decrepit Birth
Conducting from the Grave
Abysmal Dawn

Eluveitie: February 18, Key Club, Los Angeles/Hollywood
Supporting Bands:
3 inches of Blood
Holy Grail
System Divide

Ensiferium: February 9, Ramona Mainstage, Ramona
Supporting Bands:
Rotten Sound
Barren Earth

Gamma Ray: February 1, Key Club, Los Angeles/Hollywood
Supporting Bands:
Shadows Entwined
Axe Hammer

Deicide: March 9, Brick by Brick, San Diego
Supporting Bands:

More to come as I continue to scavenge the net for more delicious metal!

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