Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cruel Hand @ Burro Rayado, TJ - 11/09/2010

Well, that was quite an adventure yesterday.

First off the place where Cruel Hand was supposed to play was not the right one, the people down there didn't know what the hell I was talking about and when you're in a Mexican Sports Bar on 9th street Downtown TJ the last thing they are going to know about is some band from fucking Maine coming down here to play.

Beaten I left for my house, went to check Facebook and 'lo and behold I find out that the new location is the Burro Rayado down over 5th and 6th street downtown, which I fucked passed by without noticing anything. My mission was set again and I flew back to downtown and there, inside this little bar, I find myself surrounded surprisingly enough by people I knew from back when I worked at Telvista, Hellvista with love for those who know it, and was informed that Cruel Hand hadn't played yet. I was lucky.

I got to see two bands before Cruel Hand, the first one unfortunately I didn't get their name so sorry guys but still you did good although there's something that has annoyed me so far from every band that I've ever seen live down here in TJ. The silence after every song and the confusion between band members as to what they're supposed to be playing next, at least for me that counts for something which takes me to the next point.

Bone Breaker.

Holy fuck are those guys tight and ripping shit open all over the place. They're heavy, they make you dance to the beat, wobble your head and make you want to hit somebody in the fucking face while screaming at the top of your lungs, or the bottom if you're into guttural stuff. The guys were professional to say the least and the vocalist brought in that flavor I've always liked in between songs, the comments, the comedy, the aggression, his thoughts or the bands, whatever it is he just shouted it out and provided quite a superb experience.

Also had a chat with the vocalist, turns out he ALSO worked at Hellvista and he has been up to a lot since he left the hole going as far as Mexico City to play a gig and returning that same day to play down here on TJ, now you can't tell me that ain't love for music.

In brief, these guys get a 10 out of 10, also go and check out their video on YouTube and if you can support the band because they deserve it and soon they'll be doing a quick tour to Brazil!

Now onto the main spotlight:

Cruel Hand.

Hardcore Dancing that almost got me kicked in the nuts, check, a mosh pit that look like a fucking stampede, check, awesome songs, double check, ripping shit up, check also, coming all the way down from Portland, Maine, mother fucking priceless. It is unfortunate that I cannot perform a review song by song since I couldn't actually hear the name of the songs from being so close to the amps but let me assure you that this, this right here, has something going on and you should go see it on the next show near you. I guarantee you'll be satisfied with that you see.

Now see, TJ has seen a lot of action during its existence and bands have come here more often that you would think, Slayer, Nirvana, Metallica, Anthax, Tool, they and many more have all played down here at some point even if you don't believe it. But the fact that you came all the way down here to our little piece of hell from up there where your ass freezes as soon as you walk out to the street, well that just makes your day and I give props to Cruel Hand for this.

10 out of 10 not only for an awesome gig but also for being cool like that and coming down here to play in front of our small crowd in lil TJ.

Thanks guys for coming, for the 3rd time actually!

Keep it frosty and I'll leave you with this picture of the guys outside the gig after they finished.

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  1. You forgot to mention Pestilence.

    Anyways, excelent review, my friend, keep up the good work ;)