Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ohh, why hello there all the way from little Tijuana!

Well it seems that getting kindly back-linked by K. Mandla has brought in a heavy influx of users into this blog, heavy goes something like... 100 to 200 visitors?

Ironically this blog has not much to do with technology... yeah I wouldn't consider Metal of any brand to be technologically savvy, well maybe that's just me since you know there's bands like Blood Stain Child and Fear Factory with their almost morbid obsession with Terminator.

Ok I think I'm actually being an ass about the subject but hey nevermind me, I'm just some dude writting a blog.

On the other hand I may start a techie blog and add some random stories and ways to fix stuff that I learned while I worked at a Medical Disposables Factory... those were REALLY fun times.

And as a final side note I'll be adding more concerts for the nearby area as soon as possible.

Take care ya'll!

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