Monday, June 13, 2011

Fear Factory at Brick by Brick

Once again I went to another great concert at Brick by Brick, by the time I got to the venue Under the Stone, Fury Never Fades and Aenea had already played and Pagan Metal band Helsott was on stage. I remembered I saw them on the Death Angel show some months ago and no way of mistaking Eric Dow (vocals), they have a devoted following who knew their songs and kept the mosh pit going.

Eric Dow/Vocals,  Mark Dow-Guitar/Vocals, Richard Dow/Bass

Eric Dow-Vocals, Mark Dow-Guitar/Vocals, Cassie Morris-Keys/Vocals,
Richard Dow-Bass, Cooper "Imploder" Dustman-Drums

Next was Death Metal band Pinhed who use masks to play on stage. I could not find too much about them online, other than their MySpace page, where you can check out their songs and an 18 minute video of a concert in Texas. I was impressed by how clear the vocals came out of the lead singer Mask of Chaos in spite of the huge mask he wears. They did a good show and the music is not bad at all!

Mask of Chaos/Guitar & Vocals

Finally it was Fear Factory, here I have to confess I've never been a big fan of them and don't know their songs, but not anymore...they're freaking awesome on stage. There is the energy they bring, but the way they connect to the metal heads. I was one person away from the stage in the area where Dino Cazares played in, at every song he came all the way to the edge and played inches away from us. It's been a long time since I've seen Brick by Brick this packed, the mosh pit was brutal and everyone sang in the right spots. They had a good combination of old and new songs.

I haven't felt that kind of energy in a concert in some time, and even FF said so at the concert and on to their Facebook page:

"Wow!!! San Diego you people were amazing the show was fucking killer at the Brick by Brick last night . We can not wait to come back . Thank you San Diego."

At one point Burton showed us a bra that had been thrown on stage...unfortunately it was a B cup, so the guys were not very impressed. Almost at the end of the show, the stopped playing, asked for tequila shots and refused to keep playing until they came. In the meantime they told very bad jokes to force us to get them that tequila faster. Too bad I didn't get pictures of those moments.

So whether you like them or not, this is a band you have to see live! After the concert they just went to mingle with the fans and lots of us got to take pics with them. In my case, I got one with Dino!

Byron Stroud / Bass

Dino Cazares / Guitars

Burton C. Bell / Vocals

With Dino on the background

The Mosh Pit

Gene Hoglan / Drums

A PACKED Brick by Brick

After the show with Dino!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Messing it up

Having chubby fingers fucks you up son!

Accidentally deleted a comment on a post, so if you read this know that it wasn't on purpose or because I was hating. Much love to ya'll.