Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DDLM - Satanico Dramatico, is up for grabs, for free!

So Dia de los Muertos just released their album Satanico Dramatico and it is available for download at their website for free. Yeah you heard me right and there's no trick aside from filling up a form and clicking your way into the 10 song album which so far is sounding good to me.

Do yourself a favor and download it now!

Maybe you're looking for this?

For the people being redirected by the K. Mandla blog this is the address you're looking for; just recently made it as mentioned before so enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ohh, why hello there all the way from little Tijuana!

Well it seems that getting kindly back-linked by K. Mandla has brought in a heavy influx of users into this blog, heavy goes something like... 100 to 200 visitors?

Ironically this blog has not much to do with technology... yeah I wouldn't consider Metal of any brand to be technologically savvy, well maybe that's just me since you know there's bands like Blood Stain Child and Fear Factory with their almost morbid obsession with Terminator.

Ok I think I'm actually being an ass about the subject but hey nevermind me, I'm just some dude writting a blog.

On the other hand I may start a techie blog and add some random stories and ways to fix stuff that I learned while I worked at a Medical Disposables Factory... those were REALLY fun times.

And as a final side note I'll be adding more concerts for the nearby area as soon as possible.

Take care ya'll!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gig Review: Megafest @ El Divan de Alicia

Holy fucking tits now that was a good gig and when I say good, son, I mean it.

The event started a bit late, or at least I think it started late, which will explain a huge dissapointment that will come at the end of the review. First let us go straight into the bands.

First, Wasted, no comments here to be honest and people weren't drunk enough to actually start caring about starting a mosh. Decent, but that's about it.

Then comes Rebirth by Fire which was better than expected, at least for me since I've heard only songs on MySpace, and fuck if I didn't start a pit in that mother fucker. RBF has good structure and has what I would call the Pantera/Lamb of God effect... highly recommended to check/add their Facebook AND that you check out their MySpace so you can enjoy their music. Good show guys, keep it going!

Afterwards we have Contrafuego; I created hype for them because as I've previously mentioned on another review they are fucking awesome. Great show, great energy, awesome solos and riffs but most importantly a nice pit where I got my shit beat up for going around in circles waiving a gray shirt like some fucking african tribesman or a helicopter, your choice there. And yes, a Dreamtheater cover was called into the game again with a surprise song which consisted of Crazy Train.

This is what the fuck I'm talking about.

A while later after their awesome set I got a Demo, excellent, and will be performing a review of said Demo after I've digested it out. Remember to check 'em out on Facebook and MySpace.

Following up, State of Denial. This is fucking Hardcore son and it's coming here to kick you hard in your fucking balls like you have no idea and that fucking Sepultura Cover, War for Territory, was superbly performed and in general it is a band that I would go see again and again and expect to see you in the fucking pit when the guy is growling so hard you think Satan himself came out of fucknig hell. Can't seem to find their FB or MySpace so if anyone can provide it I'll add it.

Arkangel was the last band to play, their power metal is good, ohh yes good, and that cover of Hallowed be Thy Name was fucking sweeeeeet as hell but unfortunately since everything started late, everyone took their sweet fucking time and Arkangel decided to go into stage, not dissing though, so there was no secret tribute...


Collective FU- from all the headbangers at the bar.

Regardless, it still was a really good gig and it was worth every cent... that I didn't pay because I'm always early you lazy bums.

On an important side note but kinda related there will be a repetition of the previous metal school bus mayhem that will probably happen on the 20th and will end on the 21st. Those interested in joining visit El Divan de Alicia Facebook for more info.

Cheers you crazy fucks and good show!